Kiki and Lolly: Our Story



My humans wanted a cat for years, but they couldn’t have one. My mum researched and researched all about cats, everything from bringing them home to cutting their nails, but she had accepted her cat-less future and put her research to one side. One lovely day dad was searching free furniture listings and he called mum over to look at the cutest kitten they’d ever seen. My story before mum and dad picked me up is a little foggy, no one really knows how I ended up with the young girl, or who my cat family were, but that doesn’t matter much to me now.

Once they were almost certain they were going to give me a new home they bought all of the basics to get me to them, and to help me settle once I arrived. With trepidation they made their way to me and picked me up. It was the best decision they had ever made, trust me. I was a meower, but I soon hushed up when I arrived in my new home, overcome with curiosity. My mum and dad wouldn’t stop looking at me, it was a bit weird, but I loved the attention, they made me feel safe. The more they looked the more they came to realise that there was something not quite right. The next day I went for my first vet visit.

They had already made the appointment prior to picking me up, and it was a good job too, because I wasn’t feeling very well. I had cat-flu so the vet gave my humans some horrible eye drops that I did not enjoy. The vet also made the discovery that I had fleas! I did not enjoy that either. Although one time when mum was combing me a flea jumped right off of me and onto her face, me and dad found it really funny, she didn’t enjoy that very much. All in all I was far more than they expected, but boy did they love me.16730031_10154925567379373_1636365413_n

Once I was flea free and my cat-flu eye had gone everything was right with the world and we were the happiest little family there ever was. But then came the all day vet visit. I’m not sure what they did, but I came out with a bald patch, stitches, and my humans forced me to wear a silly cone. Whatever spaying is, I didn’t much enjoy that either. Mum wasn’t impressed with my water bowl antics, but it made her laugh, so I carried on splashing until it was all gone! On that same day all of our lives changed, and that was when my humans met Lolly.




My humans first saw me on the day they took my sister Kiki to be spayed. After they dropped her off they noticed a sign on the front desk, the last of a homeless litter of kittens was in need of a home. They left the vets with my picture in their minds, and they didn’t get very far before they turned around and walked straight back to the front desk and asked about me. I just so happened to be there that day for a check up. The second the nurse brought my little fluffy self into that room I stole their hearts. I had been found behind a bin with my mother and siblings, and a kind stranger brought us to the vet.

I had a scuff on my head the first time they saw me that was only small, but it soon got bigger and bigger, and no one knew what was wrong with me. Because Kiki was healing they didn’t want to risk me passing something to her, so I had to stay with the vets a little while longer. My mum used to dream about bringing me home, and she would show Kiki my picture. She visited me at the vets whenever she could and constantly pestered the vet nurses over the phone for updates about my head and when I would have the all clear. They never did find out what was wrong with my poorly head, but after what felt like forever I was able to go home. 14646676_645016792346166_1414957132_o

We had a rough ride at first, Kiki wasn’t my biggest fan, but mum and dad knew what they were doing. After lots of sniffs through the door, and lots of closely supervised play fights, we started to eat off of the same plate and mum even caught us sleeping together a couple of times. We’re not the cuddly type with each other, but we love to play, and we sleep close by. I follow my sister wherever she goes, she’s great, and she’s so brave too. Whenever there’s a knock on the door Kiki will run right to it, but I like to hang back and assess the situation. Kiki’s much more of a people cat, I only really like my mum, dad’s okay sometimes, but I like my own space. We love our humans, and we have a feeling they love us too.

So, that’s how our lives with our humans started. There’s so much more to tell, but that can wait until the next time we force mum to sit at her computer and write about us instead of doing her super boring other work.

Thanks for reading, and we will see you in the next one.

Kiki & Lolly


4 thoughts on “Kiki and Lolly: Our Story

    • Thank you! It really was, we’re so grateful for the kind hearted people out there who go out of their way to help animals. We wouldn’t be the family we are without them!

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  1. Reblogged this on Written by Beth and commented:

    I haven’t been positing poetry or shorts in a while, and these two fluff balls are part of the reason why. Because I know everyone loves cats, even people who claim to hate them, here are my cats & their back story.

    Non-cat related creative writing will be appearing on this blog again very soon. I hope you all stick around to read it!


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