10 Things All Cat Parents Know and Love

Number One

When you bring a kitten into your life you will discover parts of your home you never even knew existed. If there is a nook or cranny anywhere, your kitten will find it, and they will explore it. Even when they reach cathood, if they think they can fit, they will attempt to sit, or contort their bodies to unimaginable lengths to curl up in that bizarrely small space. All boxes also now belong to them, always and forever.IMG_5313

Number Two

Anything that was once yours, is now theirs. Your shoes? Theirs. Your books? Theirs. On top of this theft, anything you want to eat, they want it too. Even your lettuce is not safe, and there’s absolutely no hope if sweetcorn is on your plate. On a serious side note, as a general rule of thumb people food is a no go for cats, unless you have the opportunity to Google every ingredient or food item, please don’t risk it! IMG_4996

Number Three

If in the last few minutes you haven’t devoted your entire attention to the boss, I mean the cat, you will be reminded of this fact. And they will not relent until you give in to their fluffy demands. Be it a meow, a pat on the head, or a chin nibble, they will get you.

Number Four

Beware of the cat belly. Some cats love belly rubs, just like dogs. Most people associate a belly on show as an invitation to tickle away, thinking they’re doing a good thing. But be warned. For every one cat that loves belly rubs, there are ten who will wrap every limb around your wrist and gnaw at your fingers.


Number Five

Sleeping, grooming, and eating, in no particular order, are the most important things in life. If your pal isn’t sleeping, chances are they’ll be grooming or eating, and if not chances are they’ll be sniffing around for their next meal as they haven’t eaten in the last five minutes. Lord help their tiny grumbling bellies.img_0345.jpg

Number Six

If your cat isn’t doing one of the above, prepare for the zoomies. Pupils dilate, ears spike, and the zoomie begins. Whether they run like fluffy Road Runner or they popcorn over the bed hunting your body parts; a zoomie is incredible to witness. But, beware of the dangers of the zoomie. If you are in close range of the hunter you may find yourself soon becoming the prey. No hand is safe.


Number Seven

Generally, drugs and humans, bad. But, drugs and cats, amazing. Okay, so not human drugs, keep those well away from the cats, but cat ‘drugs’, go for it. Be it cat nip, valerian root, or silver vine, cats go hard. Well, some cats, you might have a cat like Lolly whose reaction is more ‘meh’. Cat drugs are relaxing for them (and are non-addictive), and they are hilarious for us humans. The calm after the storm is beautiful too.

Number Eight

No keyboard is sacred. Do you have a school or work project? Are you trying to have some downtime online? HA! Think again. Cat bums will occupy all and every keyboard, and this will happen until every last keyboard has been sat on and cats take over the internet.

Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 11.11.37.png

Number Nine

Approval from a cat is the ultimate validation. If you’ve ever felt less than, if you’ve ever craved approval for who you are, just look to your cat. If they give you that loving slow blink, you know you’ve made it. Cat approval is the only approval you ever need to worry about.


Number Ten

There is no end to the love you will receive from your cat. Some people call cats all kinds of names, but we say here that all cats are the best kind of love. When their little eyes look up to you, their little chirps and meows call out for your attention, their jelly bean filled paws reach out to remind you of their amazingness, you can’t help but feel completely and utterly loved.


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Kiki & Lolly



3 thoughts on “10 Things All Cat Parents Know and Love

    • Thank you so much for reading & following the blog! Haha, Lolly is terrified of bananas! She runs away when she smells them, the little odd ball. Cat love to you & your lady!

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