The Quirks of Kiki

Now at the age of one, Kiki is edging ever closer to cat-hood. In our time with the chirper we’ve grown to know and love her quirks. Here are some of the odd and brilliant things we love about the one and only Kiki.

  • Although she’s almost an adult cat, she has yet to grasp quite how to meow. Instead Kiki chirps, just like she did as a kitten.

  • The chirps are incredibly cute, but they lose their adorableness when you are awoken at ungodly hours to find a chirping banshee sat on your chest. Every morning. Occasionally she’ll be lovely and quiet and snuggly, but more often than not, she is banshee cat.


  • She has one black jelly bean on the back on her front leg. Her nose and all of her other toes are baby pink, bar one solitary bean.


  • If she can’t see you she cries, and she will do whatever it takes to get to you. Her love for her humans is strong!


  • She’s always the first to run to the door when we have guests, and always the first to run away when they come in.

  • Kiki’s favourite place to be is under the duvet with her humans, cosy, warm, and she knows exactly where we are. Even when we’re not there she loves to burry herself under the covers.

  • In a past life Kiki was a parrot, or at least her latest quirk of sitting on our shoulders suggest that this is the case.


  • Her purrs are incredibly quiet, but you know they’re there when she’s against your chest.

  • She will often carry around the toy mouse her grandma made for her and chirp, demanding that we throw the mouse across the room so that she can run to it and then simply stare at it, waiting for us to do it again. Fetch without the fetching.


  • If she isn’t expecting you, or is mid slumber, she will chirp a confused ‘murp’ when you pet or kiss her.

  • She loves plastic bags. She especially likes to be in them.

There are so many more, but for now to keep you awake I’ll leave it there! Every cat is an individual, but just like us, they sometimes share aspects of their personalities. If you recognise any of Kiki’s quirks in your fluff balls, let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading, and we will see you in the next one – which will be all about Lolly.

Kiki & Lolly



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