The Quirks of Lolly

The first time we saw Lolly, we knew she was special. Just like Kiki she has her own little personality and everyday we spend with her we learn more about her. Here are lovely Lolly’s quirks.

  • Lolly is what’s known as polydactyl. We discovered this when were watching her play during the first few days of bringing her home, and I noticed something I had never noticed on Kiki before. Lolly has an extra set of dew claws on her hind legs, they’re smaller than the normal front dew claws and the claw doesn’t grow as quickly or as long. It’s completely harmless and is a great talking point when her humans have no idea how to continue a conversation.


  • Somewhere along the line Lolly has left herself with only one white eyebrow whisker on one side. She’s still a beauty though.


  • If Lolly wants your love, you’ll hear all about it. Unlike Kiki, Lolly is a pro meower. Whenever she decides it’s time for loves she will run across the room meowing and she will continue to sing to you until you give into her ridiculously cute face.


  • Whenever she’s up to mischief her ears curl ever so slightly at the tips. Her inner devil comes out to play in those tiny curly ears.


  • Lolly is a fussy drinker. If there’s anything other than water in her drinking bowl she will dunk her paw in and proceed to flick water as far and wide as she can.

  • Kiki wanted to be in the plastic bags, whereas Lolly just wants to chew them. We’ve been assured by the vet that she’ll be fine, the vet’s cat does the same thing too!


  • If you disturb Lolly’s sleep she grunts like a tiny little piggy, it’s far more adorable than words can say.


  • All I (mum) have to do is look at Lolly and she will purr, she also likes me to talk to her, especially if I’m giving her compliments – I know what you’re thinking, but I honestly believe she knows I’m telling her how amazing she is, in her own little cat way.


  • Dad, on the other hand, is scary and not to be trusted unless he is asleep or otherwise occupied. My theory is that Kiki claimed him, not long after the pair stopped sleeping together in the living room when we first brought the little Lollypop home. But it could just be that she knows I’m way cooler than he is, she’s a very smart lady.


  • Unlike her sister Lolly is far from polite. If you hold anything down for her to sniff, she will grab it before she pulls it to her nose and gives it a good sniff. She caught her grandma off guard once and almost had herself a hummus wrap!

  • Lolly loves bread. I’d go so far as to say that bread is Lolly’s favourite thing, other than sleeping.


Just as with Kiki, there are so many more, but they can be saved for a future post! Every cat is an individual, but just like us, they sometimes share aspects of their personalities. If you recognise any of Lolly’s quirks in your fluff balls, let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading, and we will see you in the next one.

Kiki & Lolly


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