Friday Meow [19th May]

We’re drawing to the close of our first week in the blogosphere, and our humans have informed us that we have some lovely readers already! Because Fridays were made for relaxing, we’re going to use Fridays as a chance to reflect on the week and share some pictures that our humans have taken of us throughout the week. A purfect way to end the week, if we do say so ourselves. 

If you’ve liked, commented, or followed thus far, thank you! You’re our favourite. 

Welcome to the first, Friday Meow. 

What we meowed about this week…

May 12th We told our story in our very first post.

May 13th Our humans wrote a post all about cats and the charming things we do to make their lives better. 

May 14th We love having fun, but catnip just doesn’t do it for us. Our humans investigated catnip and its alternatives in this post.

May 15th Lolly shared her way of getting motivated on Monday. She’s a genius.

May 16th Some of the things my humans love about me were in this post, the quirks of Kiki.

May 18th Not to forget Lolly, the quirks of Lolly revealed the cutest things about the little meower.

The cat’s meow…


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