A Cat’s Tale: Vets, Thumbs, and Thermometers

Written by Kiki, the (not biologically) Queen of Apartment 123 Internet Street.

You will never believe what our humans did last week. Picture this, it was a lovely sunny day. We were relaxing on our tree watching the tiny humans come and go on the street, when suddenly chaos erupted. It started with me, Kiki, they picked me up and woke me from my nap and bundled me into the carrier. I fought for dear life, but the humans have thumbs, how can I ever win against thumbs? I knew exactly where we were going, and I cried out in horror.

Next they went for Lolly. Now, Lolly is very smart and very fast. She knows what’s going on, and the humans made a big mistake capturing me first, because as soon as they put me away she knew she was next. She hid under the bed for what felt like forever, the phone kept ringing and the humans were getting more and more panicked as time went on. They resorted to lifting the mattress and ushering her out, but she was too smart for them. They even tried to bribe her with her favourite kibble snack, but she was having none of it. As I said earlier, the humans have thumbs. They always win in the end. There’s only so long you can hide under a bed before you need to do other cat things. Lolly thought the chase was over and wandered across the room to take her place back on the tree. The humans launched a sneak attack, plucked her up, and bundled her into her carrier.

The taxi was really hot and bumpy as always. After a while of yelling at them, our humans put their hands into the carriers and calmed us down. I fell asleep for a moment or too, I had to regain my energy for the oncoming battle. When we got there we had to wait a while as they had been delayed by emergency appointments throughout the day, but soon enough the vet called our names. I went first, as the oldest it is my duty to ensure all is safe before my sister joins me. Although in this case, the vet wanted to see me first as I was having a booster vaccination. When I’m really stressed I lose a lot of fur so the room was filled with my fluff, floating around like it was snowing Kiki. The vet weighed me, poked around in my mouth, and even turned me over and blew on my stomach, it was all very unwelcome, but the humans seemed somewhat happy with whatever the vet was saying. Then came the needle. At least there was no thermometer this time.

After my turn the vet let me stay on my favourite spot in the room, the scales, and Lolly was dragged out of her carrier for her check up. She poked and prodded Lolly and then went to type on her computer. Lolly wandered over to the scale and cuddled up next to me. I didn’t realise what was happening at first as I was still traumatised by the whole ordeal of coming to the vets and being prodded. When I realised that she had started to snuggle I pulled my face and shifted away ever so slightly. But I didn’t leave her side, as I must admit I did appreciate her being there.

Finally the humans brought us home, apologised with a gourmet meal, and left us to our own peaceful devices. In the battle against the vet, even with two of us, the vet still won. It’s the thumbs. We don’t know why we have to go there, and we never know when they’ll take us next, and when they do we will not be ready for it. When that day next comes we will fight the carrier with all of our might, and possibly take a nap on the road, but we will fight valiantly and with heart. Now that it’s all over, I won’t hold it against the humans. So long as they make sure I get my breakfast on time.

Kiki & Lolly



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