Cats in the News [06.06.17]

Today’s post is going to look at all of the cat related news from this week that caught our eyes. From coffee to art, here’s what’s in this week.

This week’s top heart warming story is all about cats in need, with a twist. In Oldham (UK), a cat cafe has been opened. Cat-a-Tonic is working to promote rescue cats, so that more furry babies can find their forever homes. You can book in on their website to enjoy a relaxing cuppa surrounded by the resident recuse cats. Sounds dreamy! See the full story here.

As June is Adopt-aCat-Month this year, we’ve. Check out some of the stories below for cats that are in need of homes in the new this week:

  • In Spokane County (US), local animal shelter SCRAPS is full to the brim of cats that are in desperate need of a good home. See the story here.
  • In Dorset (UK), Margaret Green Animal Rescue has started an appeal to find homes for six cats and dogs. The beautiful bunch are looking for forever homes, and deserve the best. See the story here.
  • Something that happens far more often than it ever should is pet abandonment, and this week four adult cats were abandoned at the door of a Leeds (UK) vet. There is an urgent appeal to find accommodation for the cats as soon as possible. See the story here.


TNR, trap nueter and release, is something that we have recently become aware of since owning cats of our own, and it is a practise that we strongly stand behind. A great story this week comes from Abu Dhabi, where a cat neutering project is hoping to TNR 100 cats, which could have an incredibly positive impact on the feral cat population in the area. See the full story here. Jackson Galaxy has a great video with more information on TNR, so check it out here if you want to know more.


Other stories that caught our eyes this week…

A hotel has introduced cats to the workplace in order to reduce stress.

Cats in art before they took over the internet have taken the art world by storm.

Jeremy Corbin’s adorable cat is a socialist.

A Devon cat shelter is looking for volunteer cat socialisers. 

A cat find love, is this a better love story than Twilight?


Did any cat stories catch your eye this week? Thanks for stopping by, and we will see you next week for more cats in the news.


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