Remi: My Story


Hi, my name is Remi and I am 8 weeks old. When I was 6 weeks old I was put into a box with two other litters of kittens and put at the end of my mother cat’s human’s garden. That same day I was found by two wonderfully caring women and they took me to a vet to be checked out. When I was at the vets lots of people were looking at us, poking and prodding us, and then I was picked up out of my carrier and held to a warm and cosy chest. I wouldn’t let go, that was where I wanted to be and I was going no where.

That chest belonged to my human daddy. They bundled me into a cardboard box no more than ten minutes later and brought me home to start my new life. It wasn’t all swings and roundabouts, but here I am, in my forever-ever-ever home. I’ll be ready for vaccinations next week, I’ve put on lots of weight and everyone is really happy with me. All I did was eat all the food, but if they want to give me kisses and cuddles then who am I to deny them!

I have met my sisters, but we’re not allowed to play together just yet. My oldest sister Kiki likes to sniff me and watch from a distance. Lolly is a grumpy lump, but I’m sure I’ll win her over. Mummy says I’m tiny and cute, so of course she’ll love me! I can’t wait to run around with them and eat their tails.

My favourite toys so far are the wooden spoon, my pink rabbit rattle, and my cardboard box – although there’s not much left of that! I used to enjoy two other toys, but I ripped them open and mummy has taken them away because I’m too rough for them. I love to climb mount mummy, there are amazing views at the head of the mountain, and tasty tasty hair! I bounce from wall to wall and sometimes land in my water bowl, and I only sleep when no one is watching me because I don’t want to miss anything!

My journey has only just begun and I look forward to sharing my life with my sisters and you.

Thank you for reading, see you next time!

Kiki, Lolly, & Remi


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