Friday Meow [23rd June]

Hello! Welcome to this week’s Friday Meow. What a rollercoaster couple of weeks we have had in the Kiki, Lolly, Remi household. Our humans have been so good to us all this week, but it has worn them down making sure we (Kiki & Lolly) don’t lose our minds over Remi. This morning Remi had her first vaccine and will soon be free to walk among the big cats, she’s such a strong little lady. Without further a-do, let’s meow.

What we meowed about this week…

June 13th After making sure Remi was in fighting internet form, the humans finally introduced the little ball of insanity to the world.

June 21st This week’s cat care post was all about bringing new kittens into our homes.

Check out the last Friday Meow [9th June] for more.

The cat’s meow…


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