Friday Meow [30th June]

The humans have such forgetful heads sometimes, so this week’s Friday Meow is brought to you very late in the day. We will be holding them accountable and receiving lots of edible compensation for their negligence of our most esteemed blog. Moving on, here’s what we go up to this week, and boy it was a fun one!

What we meowed about this week…

June 27th The humans spent the week starting up our brand new Youtube channel and a shiny new website. In this post we shared our first ever video, and Remi is the bouncing star!

June 29th Lolly and Remi have had a breakthrough this week in their relationship and things are starting to look good for the two of them becoming best buds!

June 29th #2 Our second video went up, and we think it’s pretty good.

If you have a Google account that means you can subscribe to our channel, and it would mean the world to us if you would support us on our adventure to take over the internet!

Check out the last Friday Meow [23rd June] for more!

We’ll be back next week with cat care posts and lots more cat-tastic content.

The cat’s meow…

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 22.23.56.png


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