Friday Meow [7th July]

Hello! How fast did this week go? Time is just running away this year, and the ladies are growing up so fast! This week we made a few more videos and have been trying to get people over to our Youtube channel with little success as of yet, but we’re still hopeful! There are at least 50 million people with Youtube accounts so there is the chance for some viewers around the corner. Kiki, Lolly, & Remi are all due for a variety of different vaccines over the next few weeks, so we will definitely be reporting on how that goes. For now, let’s have a look at what we did on the blog this week!

What we meowed about this week…

July 1st We shared a funny video of Remi playing Super Mario with us. She really loves to chase things on the screens, something Kiki and Lolly have never really done, so it amused us humans a lot!

July 3rd Cats and belly rubs are notoriously tricky and often confusing, do cats like belly rubs? Are some actually dogs in disguise? We shared a cute video of Remi enjoying her belly rubs, but also gave advice about approaching a cat’s belly with caution!

July 5th We finally got around to writing a post we’ve had sitting as a draft for a couple of weeks all about the importance of playing with your cats. We discussed the physical and mental wellbeing that play can contribute to and also gave a few ideas and tips for games to play and toys to play with!

For more, check out last week’s Friday Meow [30th June].

The cat’s meow…


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