Friday Meow: Cute Cat Attack

Meow! It has been so so long, we’ve had many naps since our last post, and the humans have been faffing around doing what looks like a whole lot of nothing. Well, we coerced them into logging onto the blog and brining our beloved Friday Meow back! Things are going to be changing around here, but our humans do hope to continue to bring fun and educational cat posts back every now and again between study and work, alongside weekly Friday Meows.

Friday Meows will be less about what we have shared on the blog, and will be more like a casual cup of tea and a chat with your cat buddies. We will be sharing snaps of our week, stories we’ve found on the internet that we’ve enjoyed, and a few of our own tales too! For this week, due to how very sleepy the humans are, here are some adorable pictures of us! We’ve changed so much since we last saw you, we hope you enjoy them, and we will see you again next Friday!

The Cat’s Meow


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