Friday Meow [23rd June]

Hello! Welcome to this week’s Friday Meow. What a rollercoaster couple of weeks we have had in the Kiki, Lolly, Remi household. Our humans have been so good to us all this week, but it has worn them down making sure we (Kiki & Lolly) don’t lose our minds over Remi. This morning Remi had her first vaccine and will soon be free to walk among the big cats, she’s such a strong little lady. Without further a-do, let’s meow.

What we meowed about this week…

June 13th After making sure Remi was in fighting internet form, the humans finally introduced the little ball of insanity to the world.

June 21st This week’s cat care post was all about bringing new kittens into our homes.

Check out the last Friday Meow [9th June] for more.

The cat’s meow…


Bringing a New Kitten into your Home

Regardless of how you end up with a kitten in your life, there are a few important yet not immediately obvious things you’ll have to do to make sure you and your home are prepared for the new addition to the household. This post will focus on bringing a kitten into a home with no other animals, introducing cats and kittens will be covered in next week’s posts. So, here are is our advice for bringing a new kitten into your home.


  • Choose one room of your home for the kitten to live in for the first few days. As a tiny kitten an entire house is both exciting and daunting. To allow your new little adventurer time to settle in and get to grips with their surroundings, it’s always best to keep them grounded in one room before opening up your entire home to them.
  • Prepare the chosen room. Kittens are surprisingly (or not) sneaky and curious. They will climb up the guitar case, they will squeeze underneath the book shelf, and they will chew those wires. Ensure everything in the room is okay for the little one to scratch and chew, tidy away all wires, and block any dangerous or small spaces they might escape to that you can’t reach into if they need help.
  • Make a safe space. Although we said to block up small hiding spaces, your kitten will need somewhere to escape to if they feel overwhelmed or threatened. The best items we have found to use for this are cardboard boxes, or a blanket draped over their carry case.
  • Heavy and shallow water bowls. Kittens will knock over light water bowls, ensure a strong and stable ceramic bowl that is shallow enough for your little one to drink from.
  • Litter tray and puppy training pads. Kittens are instinctive, and we have yet to bring home a kitten that hasn’t used their litter tray from the off. However, if for whatever reason your little one has yet to master the art of the tray, have a few puppy training pads around the area you place the tray just in case. Make sure the tray is not hidden away, keep it easily accessible. Ensure it is low enough for the kitten to get into, and use good quality plant based litters – we love Cat’s Best Oko Plus.
  • Entertainment. Ensure you have a few kitten toys ready for the new arrival. BUT, never leave your kitten unattended with toys that have long strings (such as cat dancers) or parts that could easily be chewed off and swallowed. Cardboard tubes (from kitchen or toilet roll) are always good for chewing and safe play. Always check over your kitten’s toys for damage.
  • Scratching post. The most common complaint we hear about cats and kittens is about their destruction of sofas and other soft furnishing. To avoid this, purchase a cat starting post or tree that is tall enough for your kitten or cat to stretch out completely (they can be quite long when they go for it!). You can also buy scratching mats, boards, and other innovative products to keep little claws busy and away from your furniture.


This is all well and good if you know you’re bringing a kitten home in advance. But, what if you find a kitten unexpectedly? With both Kiki and Remi we were in no position to prepare in advance. For Kiki was had a couple of hours to prepare the apartment and get all of the necessities, but with Remi we had no time at all. However, there are things you can do to make the unexpected guest feel at home before all of the above steps are complete.

  • Your kitten will be okay left in their carrier or cardboard box for a little while if there is no immediate safe place for them to go. Provide access to water and prepare as swiftly and calmly as you can.
  • Bathrooms are often quick and safe places to prepare for your kitten. Ensure all dangerous objects are placed out of reach, clear the floor space and block any small spaces they may be able to squeeze in to – books, towels, cardboard boxes, if it fits it’ll do the job temporarily.
  • Once the kitten is either being guarded by a second pair of eyes or is safely pottering around your bathroom now is the time to prepare the necessities:
    • Water and food – a side or tea plate for food will often be ideal, and you can try a variety of containers for water. Almost everyone has a tupperware cupboard, raid it and find a small container or lid that can temporarily be used.
    • Litter tray – if you can leave your home and purchase a tray and a small bag of litter do so. If you can’t leave the kitten alone lay our some kitchen roll as a temporary measure and ensure you buy a tray and litter as soon as possible.
    • The box or carrier you brought the kitten home in will serve as a bed for the kitten, find a blanket or towel to line it with to make it comfortable and warm.
    • Once the kitten is temporarily safe call your local vet as soon as possible. It is really important that you get the unexpected kitten checked out as soon as possible. We picked Kiki up at 9pm and took her to the vets the next morning, luckily for her we did as she had an eye infection and fleas. It is vital for both you and your kitten to ensure they are treated for fleas, worms, and any other unexpected ailments they may have. It is also useful at this point to age and sex the kitten .


Kittens bring so much love and fun into our lives, but they are hard work. Kittens should ideally stay with their mothers until they are at least 8 weeks old,  preferably 12 weeks old. Always vaccinate your kittens, especially if you’ll be letting them outside when they’re old enough – although we strongly advocate for keeping cats indoors for a variety of reasons. Spay and neuter, always! And be patient. Cats can be moody grumps, they can be crazy too, but they can be so loving and when you earn their trust and love it is so rewarding.

If you have any other tips or pieces of advice about bringing new kittens home let us know!

Thank you for reading, see you next time!

Kiki, Lolly, & Remi

Remi: My Story


Hi, my name is Remi and I am 8 weeks old. When I was 6 weeks old I was put into a box with two other litters of kittens and put at the end of my mother cat’s human’s garden. That same day I was found by two wonderfully caring women and they took me to a vet to be checked out. When I was at the vets lots of people were looking at us, poking and prodding us, and then I was picked up out of my carrier and held to a warm and cosy chest. I wouldn’t let go, that was where I wanted to be and I was going no where.

That chest belonged to my human daddy. They bundled me into a cardboard box no more than ten minutes later and brought me home to start my new life. It wasn’t all swings and roundabouts, but here I am, in my forever-ever-ever home. I’ll be ready for vaccinations next week, I’ve put on lots of weight and everyone is really happy with me. All I did was eat all the food, but if they want to give me kisses and cuddles then who am I to deny them!

I have met my sisters, but we’re not allowed to play together just yet. My oldest sister Kiki likes to sniff me and watch from a distance. Lolly is a grumpy lump, but I’m sure I’ll win her over. Mummy says I’m tiny and cute, so of course she’ll love me! I can’t wait to run around with them and eat their tails.

My favourite toys so far are the wooden spoon, my pink rabbit rattle, and my cardboard box – although there’s not much left of that! I used to enjoy two other toys, but I ripped them open and mummy has taken them away because I’m too rough for them. I love to climb mount mummy, there are amazing views at the head of the mountain, and tasty tasty hair! I bounce from wall to wall and sometimes land in my water bowl, and I only sleep when no one is watching me because I don’t want to miss anything!

My journey has only just begun and I look forward to sharing my life with my sisters and you.

Thank you for reading, see you next time!

Kiki, Lolly, & Remi

Friday Meow [9th June]

It’s so hot! But we managed to wrangle our humans into posting this week, and we’ve had a blast. So let’s get to it, meow!

What we meowed about this week…

June 5th I, Kiki, shared my account of going to the vets. I don’t understand why they insist on taking us, and those needles! Ek!

June 6th Our humans gathered all of the week’s cat news, entertaining and informative!

Check out last week’s Friday Meow [26th May] for more.

The cat’s meow…

Cats in the News [06.06.17]

Today’s post is going to look at all of the cat related news from this week that caught our eyes. From coffee to art, here’s what’s in this week.

This week’s top heart warming story is all about cats in need, with a twist. In Oldham (UK), a cat cafe has been opened. Cat-a-Tonic is working to promote rescue cats, so that more furry babies can find their forever homes. You can book in on their website to enjoy a relaxing cuppa surrounded by the resident recuse cats. Sounds dreamy! See the full story here.

As June is Adopt-aCat-Month this year, we’ve. Check out some of the stories below for cats that are in need of homes in the new this week:

  • In Spokane County (US), local animal shelter SCRAPS is full to the brim of cats that are in desperate need of a good home. See the story here.
  • In Dorset (UK), Margaret Green Animal Rescue has started an appeal to find homes for six cats and dogs. The beautiful bunch are looking for forever homes, and deserve the best. See the story here.
  • Something that happens far more often than it ever should is pet abandonment, and this week four adult cats were abandoned at the door of a Leeds (UK) vet. There is an urgent appeal to find accommodation for the cats as soon as possible. See the story here.


TNR, trap nueter and release, is something that we have recently become aware of since owning cats of our own, and it is a practise that we strongly stand behind. A great story this week comes from Abu Dhabi, where a cat neutering project is hoping to TNR 100 cats, which could have an incredibly positive impact on the feral cat population in the area. See the full story here. Jackson Galaxy has a great video with more information on TNR, so check it out here if you want to know more.


Other stories that caught our eyes this week…

A hotel has introduced cats to the workplace in order to reduce stress.

Cats in art before they took over the internet have taken the art world by storm.

Jeremy Corbin’s adorable cat is a socialist.

A Devon cat shelter is looking for volunteer cat socialisers. 

A cat find love, is this a better love story than Twilight?


Did any cat stories catch your eye this week? Thanks for stopping by, and we will see you next week for more cats in the news.

A Cat’s Tale: Vets, Thumbs, and Thermometers

Written by Kiki, the (not biologically) Queen of Apartment 123 Internet Street.

You will never believe what our humans did last week. Picture this, it was a lovely sunny day. We were relaxing on our tree watching the tiny humans come and go on the street, when suddenly chaos erupted. It started with me, Kiki, they picked me up and woke me from my nap and bundled me into the carrier. I fought for dear life, but the humans have thumbs, how can I ever win against thumbs? I knew exactly where we were going, and I cried out in horror.

Next they went for Lolly. Now, Lolly is very smart and very fast. She knows what’s going on, and the humans made a big mistake capturing me first, because as soon as they put me away she knew she was next. She hid under the bed for what felt like forever, the phone kept ringing and the humans were getting more and more panicked as time went on. They resorted to lifting the mattress and ushering her out, but she was too smart for them. They even tried to bribe her with her favourite kibble snack, but she was having none of it. As I said earlier, the humans have thumbs. They always win in the end. There’s only so long you can hide under a bed before you need to do other cat things. Lolly thought the chase was over and wandered across the room to take her place back on the tree. The humans launched a sneak attack, plucked her up, and bundled her into her carrier.

The taxi was really hot and bumpy as always. After a while of yelling at them, our humans put their hands into the carriers and calmed us down. I fell asleep for a moment or too, I had to regain my energy for the oncoming battle. When we got there we had to wait a while as they had been delayed by emergency appointments throughout the day, but soon enough the vet called our names. I went first, as the oldest it is my duty to ensure all is safe before my sister joins me. Although in this case, the vet wanted to see me first as I was having a booster vaccination. When I’m really stressed I lose a lot of fur so the room was filled with my fluff, floating around like it was snowing Kiki. The vet weighed me, poked around in my mouth, and even turned me over and blew on my stomach, it was all very unwelcome, but the humans seemed somewhat happy with whatever the vet was saying. Then came the needle. At least there was no thermometer this time.

After my turn the vet let me stay on my favourite spot in the room, the scales, and Lolly was dragged out of her carrier for her check up. She poked and prodded Lolly and then went to type on her computer. Lolly wandered over to the scale and cuddled up next to me. I didn’t realise what was happening at first as I was still traumatised by the whole ordeal of coming to the vets and being prodded. When I realised that she had started to snuggle I pulled my face and shifted away ever so slightly. But I didn’t leave her side, as I must admit I did appreciate her being there.

Finally the humans brought us home, apologised with a gourmet meal, and left us to our own peaceful devices. In the battle against the vet, even with two of us, the vet still won. It’s the thumbs. We don’t know why we have to go there, and we never know when they’ll take us next, and when they do we will not be ready for it. When that day next comes we will fight the carrier with all of our might, and possibly take a nap on the road, but we will fight valiantly and with heart. Now that it’s all over, I won’t hold it against the humans. So long as they make sure I get my breakfast on time.

Kiki & Lolly


Friday Meow [26th May]

What a week! It’s been a stressful one, but we’ll be getting our humans back on track next week to give you more from us. We have a vet trip coming up for vaccines and check ups, so wish us luck. Thanks for sticking with us, and we will see you in the next one.

What we meowed about this week…

May 20th We shared a poem our mum wrote about us, it’s pretty good, but we’re probably biased.

May 23rd As it’s been a stressful one we showed our fellow cats how to relax a human.

May 24th Our dad told a really funny joke, well, it’s not that funny but it gave us a good laugh.

Check out last week’s Friday Meow [19th May] for more.

The cat’s meow…

Dad Jokes

Our dad told the funniest joke today.

What do you call a dog in a magic show?

A Labracadabrador!


Yeah, it’s a good job he keeps the kibble coming.

Thanks for reading, and we will see you in the next one.

Kiki & Lolly



How to Relax a Human

From time to time our humans get sucked into stressful situations, and it makes us sad. So when they get sad we like to make sure we cuddle them lots and purr as loud as we can so they know that we’ll always be here for them. See they think we need them, but really we know they need us way more.

We hope you’ve all had a good weekend and that this week isn’t too stressful for you. Hopefully we’ll be able to convince our humans to write some more good posts this week.

Thanks for reading, and we will see you in the next one.

Kiki & Lolly